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Root Causes

For Gifted/2e communities

Shifting perspectives and acknowledging the role that
Trauma, Environmental and Dietary factors
play in the lives of 
Gifted Twice-Exceptional (2e) children.

Let’s uncover the roots beneath the struggle and create
solution-based alternatives that generate results.




Learning difficulties

percentage ADHD has increased

percent increase in autism

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Nov 2-8, 2020

between 1990 and 2000

since 1990

What is Twice Exceptional(2e)?

Bridges Academy…

The term “twice-exceptional” (or “2e”) often is used to describe students with high ability and potential who simultaneously experience learning, executive functioning, production, and/or social challenges.
They are challenged in most schools by a misalignment between their learner profile and the school’s curriculum and instructional approach.…

Skill development of 2e learners is typically uneven, or asynchronous. Asynchrony usually exists between intellectual and physical development, and between intellectual development and the ability to use or express that intelligence. Twice-exceptional students demonstrate superior ability in one or more areas (specific academics, intellectual ability, creativity, leadership, visual or performing arts) and one or more social, emotional or academic challenges. These may be caused by a neurobiological disorder or an emotional, sensory or learning disability. Specific areas of challenge may include physical disabilities; sensory sensitivity; autism spectrum disorder; emotional and/or behavioral disorders; psycho-social issues; ADHD; learning disabilities such as dyslexia, dysgraphia, etc.; receptive and/or expressive language disorders; processing delays; difficulty with executive function.”

Ways 2e can Manifest

Twice exceptionality often does not show up until children are in school. In their early years, these children often seem very bright, with varied interests and advanced vocabularies (particularly with reference to same-age peers); and many times parents are unaware that they have a child with 2e. Teachers sometimes spot problems in school; sometimes parents are the first to notice their children’s frustrations with school. During the early years it may be social difficulties. The 2e child may find it hard to make friends and fit in. Academic problems often appear later. As work demands increase, teachers may see a drop or inconsistencies in the student’s performance, sometimes accompanied by an increase in problem behaviors. Some 2e students withdraw, showing reluctance to speak out or take other risks in class; while others play the class clown. Some are unable to stay focused, find it hard to sit still and work quietly, and have difficulty controlling anger or frustration.

How to recognize 2e

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Research shows that 

By becoming aware of food and lifestyle habits, we can support the body by bringing in healthier choices and creating a healthier environment.





Oxidative Stress







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Joan Cass BCHN®️ (CAND), CTNC, CFNC,
Holistic and Functional Nutrition Practitioner

See things differently.

Through years of experience and research, Joan has developed a unique ability and understanding of these issues and their root causes. Her passion is helping her clients understand and resolve these issues in order to help their children reach their true potential.

Discover how Environment and Nutrition Impact a Child’s Behaviour.


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Joan Cass has an amazing ability to walk through the maze of the autoimmune system and understand how it impacts mode and behaviour.  She has walked this path and learned through experience and study, how to support parents on their journey of helping their children find and use resources that can help their children thrive. 

- Joanna Haase Ph.D, MFT